Little Hearts Great Minds

We conduct classes for Std VIII, IX, X, XI & XII.
Motivating students to put in daily and consistent effort.


Mazgoan & Bhakti Park, Wadala

Classes For

Arts & Commerce stream for XI & XII.

Counselling & Remediation

For students facing Learning Difficulty.
Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia.

Our Teaching Subjects

We transform the syllabus in a very understandable & perceivable manner.
We make

All the needs of LD students taken care of under one roof.

Our Work Ethics

-Perfectly Organized small batches.
-Time Slot for each batch.
-Std wise Time-table.
-Teaching 5 Days a week.
-Exams & Test conducted during weekends.
- 4 sets of prelims for Std X & XII.
-Strict about Discipline, Attendance & Performance.

We Are Teaching Students
Since 1991

The most precious gift a parent can give their child apart from 'love' and 'care' is TOP QUALITY EDUCATION , an opportunity to explore the genius in them.

Mrs. Amena Soni
+91 9969538919
We believe in ‘QUALITY‘ not ‘QUANTITY’ for the overall enhancement of the students.
We train students to understand the concepts instead of rote learning.
Is to become an educational setup that works towards the overall development of its students by strengthening the brightest and young minds to achieve and fly high in the sky so as to achieve the best in lives.

What Our Students Have to Say


I spoon-fed up until the 8th std and my then tuition teacher never gave me any home work or an opportunity to learn anything new. I even failed in Maths in the 8th std. But when I joined tuitions here I learned t be independent. Miss gave me home work everyday and she also took many tests. Miss was such a good teacher that I loved coming for tuitions. I got 83% in the 10th std and I don't know how to thank miss. I guess, in the end I can say that I becoming an independent student and I am ready for the future. Thank you miss and sir!
Nathan - 83%
+91 8879226032


It's been two years since I joined this tuition with Amena miss and Saifee sir. I enjoyed studying here. My weakness when I joined here was Maths, Sir helped me a lot with with Maths, especially sums and equations. Now I actually like maths so much. Miss has helped me with vocabulary and grammer and much more. I really liked my experience here. Thank you miss and sir!! 🙂

Iram - xx%
+91 9930271344


I enjoyed studying with miss and sir. They helped me to improve myself. They taught us good habits and helped me in everything. My journey with Amena miss and Saifee sir was amazing. Thank you!
Zara Sheik - xx%
+91 9833064656


When I was in 9th std, Saifee Sir helped me with some Maths problems while i was studying with a friend in my society. From then on, I decided that I wanted to go to study with Saifee Sir for 10th std. He is a really good teacher and more importantly we have a lot of fun studying together cause sir is very frank!
Danial - xx%
+91 8767150810


Maths had always been boring and a difficult subject for me, but sir used to teach us & i started to enjoy maths. Miss was strict but the lessons taught by her we never forgot. It helped us to write answers & the way she explained was very good & the middle her experience stories where very good too.
Maseera Samani - 89.40%
+91 7208735764


I had a great experience with sir & miss. They where always very supportive and patient with me. They always motivated me, even though during the pandemic they where always there for me. It was amazing studying with miss & sir. These 2 years were the best years of my life and i will always miss those days.
Sakina Electricwala - 84.60%
+91 9987819199


The two most difficult years in high school had become the most easiest of them all for me.Even with the pandemic situation the teachers have given their best. The persistence of the teachers have improved me to score 84.20% .Thank you for your amazing efforts. We will miss you teachers.
Fatema Kapasi - 84.40%
+91 9821861996


My experience here has been great maths & science test has been though hard to compete. But it has been fun. A memorable year.
Zainab Patrawala - 88.20%
+91 9987655952


I have always appreciated all the efforts & hard work put in by ma'aam & sir. I have enjoyed studying after I have come to you. 4 years of our hard work and I have achieved 83%. I am genuinely happy and satisfied with my marks. Thank you
Simin Maloo - 83%
+91 9819888777


It was a great experience during those last two years spent with you for tuition. I got to learn so many things when i used to come for studies, which i could not have got to learn anywhere else.Because of you & god's grace i got the best marks that is 88.40%.
Miss & Sir very very thank-you to all. May God bless you both!
Summaiya Shaikh
+91 9324646870


This year was one of the best years of my life. I've had an amazing experience here. All 3 teachers gave me a lot of practice and made me fully prepared for the SSC exams. Lot's of papers, ink, pens etc. were used for this practice. I was always very loud & laughing here. Sir would always get fed up of me & would crack different jokes. Miss was simply enjoying when she would teach.
Amatullah- 94.40%
+91 99200575448


10th is normally very scary as it is the first time we gave boards, but my experience here has been so wonderful that it was as good as other years Sir & Miss have been the best guiders for us no matter what. I don't think I would have found better coaching classes for myself. THankyou!
Zainab Laila - 85.6%
+91 9920115975


My time spent here was worth while and well spent. Miss has her own way of hard teaching while Sir drills formulae into your head repeatedly. In the future I will always remember those days with gratitude & happiness.
Luluah Sitabkhan - 83%
+91 9819888777


The time spent here was spending time with family. It was a lot of fun. The teacher experience was great, sir and miss are great teachers. It is fun spending time here. I understood all my problems. I love this place so much.
Mubaraka Sahiwala - 91.6%
+91 9167765452


I had a really nice time. The jokes between uncle and me and the way Amena miss used to tell me to shut up will be missed. Nevertheless, those spent years where amazing. Will miss you both.
Samina Salim Kagalwala - 87%
+91 9619266939


Character development confidence & many other things that helps one to develop their character and present themselves in public can be learnt here. I enjoyed the learning experience over here. maths was fun learning with Saifee sir.
Fatema Pardawala - 92%
+91 8879461352